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With our APIs, you can seamlessly integrate design generation capabilities for product photos into your own applications and services. Whether you're looking to enhance your e-commerce platform, streamline your marketing efforts, or add a touch of creativity to your brand, our APIs have got you covered.

We understand the importance of seamlessly integrating our APIs into your existing workflows, and we've designed them with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Whether you're a seasoned developer or just getting started, our comprehensive documentation will guide you through the process of integrating our APIs and help you unleash the full potential of your product photos.

At the moment, we offer the below 5 APIs.

  1. Upload: Upload your product image to us. We will provide you with an ID to use in the next APIs.

  2. Upload via URL: Upload your product image via URL. We will provide you with an ID to use in the next APIs.

  3. Suggest: Endpoint to fetch AI driven suggestions of designs. This list can be tailored with your own designs (we call them Recipe)

  4. Preview: An endpoint to generate a preview quality endpoint to display to your users. Particularly useful when you want to show a bunch of designs for your users to pick from.

  5. Generate: When your user is ready to accept the design, call the generate api to download a high quality version of your image.

Based on the flow you might need to use 2 or more of these endpoints. Take a look at Flows for more information.